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First post!

Here's my post as a sort of guideline to the kind of stuff people will post here. No life story, just pertinent info.

I'm a middle-aged hambeast. 5'5", 235 (having lost a whole THREE POUNDS so far after two weeks of counting calories on www.thedailyplate.com. I'm username 'lump' on there but I haven't made my profile public because it turns out I'm not as healthy an eater as I thought: imagine that, me not violating the laws of thermodynamics! I will open up that profile, though, if anyone on this comm wants to join thedailyplate and be buddies. As yet I don't know anyone on there.

Anyway, clearly calories aren't going to cut it on their own, I have a whole PERSON to lose. I have to work out.

I've been reading this forum:
Fascinating community, interesting FAQ, and very merciless commentary. I like it.

Based on their FAQ, I want to start doing this:
(only as a girl am advised to do it as 3X8 instead of 5x5)
The only reason I have not started lifting weights is SHEER COWARDICE. I need someone who will ask about it, prod me with sharp sticks, and encourage me. I would be happy to return the favour. I found a gym here: http://www.advancegym.co.uk and the next step is GOING INSIDE AND TALKING TO PEOPLE aie.

I intended on the off days to do this:
Unfortunately I did it for the first time Sunday and nearly killed myself. I cannot run for more than 60 seconds. Partly this is down to being very, very unfit and partly to having a wee lung infection. So I may hold off on the aerobic stuff for a bit.

But weights. I should do them. Help.


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10th Dec, 2008 18:17 (UTC)

The running website sounds fantastic, and I wish I had the balls to do it. I should/will. I need to get myself some proper running shoes, don't I!

I don't know if I could even run for sixty seconds! I am so terrifyingly unfit, partly down to being a fatty and partly down to being a smoker. An awful mix of the two.

10th Dec, 2008 18:20 (UTC)
To be fair, I'm pretty sure you should not run if you're an asthmatic with a chest infection. I'm not very smart sometimes :P

Edited at 2008-12-10 18:26 (UTC)
10th Dec, 2008 18:27 (UTC)
Oh and I don't think they have to be pricey running shoes as long as they are running shoes, supportive enough and fit properly.

At least the BBC says so.

(Deleted comment)
10th Dec, 2008 18:25 (UTC)
Well on the plus side, if we start now people won't roll their eyes at us the way they do at the influx of new people after new years!
29th Dec, 2008 22:53 (UTC)
Ooh, I started doing the Couch to 5k thing in the summer but gave up when it got cold (September). I'm going to try and go back to it, and go swimming with a friend once a week.

Re the running - I found it awful the first time - managed 60 seconds then limped home. I found it useful to walk briskly for 20 minutes for a week beforehand, as a sort of Week 0 before starting the proper programme. Also, it really helps to run SLOWLY, almost at walking speed but lifting my feet more. That was my mistake the first time. Even running slowly is harder than walking.
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